Tomas Ståhl, PhD

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Psychology

About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). I live in downtown Chicago together with my wife Jacqui, and our dog Henri. Before coming to UIC I worked at Leiden University, the Netherlands. 


My primary research interests are in the area of moral psychology. Among other things, I try to determine what values people consider relevant for being a moral person, where these moral values come from, differences in views about morality between religious people and atheists, and the consequences of specific moral values for behavior. 

Another research topic close to my heart is epistemic rationality; the extent to which our personal beliefs about the world map on to reality.  I study how various individual differences (e.g., values, abilities, and inclinations), and situational factors contribute to the formation of more (vs. less) epistemically rational beliefs. 

My research has been published in outlets such as Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyPersonality and Individual DifferencesPersonality and Social Psychology BulletinJournal of Experimental Social PsychologyPLOS ONESocial Cognition, and Applied Cognitive Psychology